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Download Super Mario Run

Judul : Download Super Mario Run
Durasi : 0:1:37
Tanggal : 22 October 2016
Oleh : David Saric
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Download Super Mario Run for Android and enjoy in this fantastic game!!!

For now Super Mario Run Download android and soon will be available for IOS ( iPhone, iPad and etc)

The first few levels of Super Mario run will make any mario fan feel right at home with the series polished graphics and Mario's characteristic agility present and accounted for the game.
Immediately feels like a winner and you might find that it continues to be it all depends on your willingness to revisit the same levels over and over.
Again in search of modest rewards to be fair run is the most convenient mario game there is with d level design that lives up to the series rock solid reputation.
It's also complemented with graphics and moves that compared favorably to the refined new super mario brothers games on both vs and ds with enhanced portability. However comes a few understandable sacrifices but run feels like a mario game from beginning to the end of its adventure and the ease with which you can make Mario jump bounce off walls and spin attack enemies in midair.
With a simple tap the screen feels great not limited rather than fight to reach the end of a level by mastering platforming which is
the easiest it's ever been for the series your ultimate goal is to collect coins on your way to the finish line. Familiar gold coins are plenty but there are other harder to reach coins in every level that require more finesse and strategic platforming than usual as fun
as runs levels can be they are undoubtedly short and easy and it's not hard to finish all of them in less than two hours if you simply aim for the finish line. But when you choose to hunt
for specific Collins rather than simply enjoy the flow and excitement of platforming run unfortunately loses some of its magic that made it so gratifying at the start replaying levels then becomes somewhat of a grind with a small selection of levels and their brief nature are never so far removed from a stage that your next visit feels like a
trip down memory lane either repeatedly replaying runs one minute or less stages quickly grows tiresome but when you...

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