5 Ways To KILL Procrastination.. (and get motivated)

Download Video 5 Ways To KILL Procrastination.. (and get motivated) (0:7:12)

5 Ways To KILL Procrastination.. (and get motivated)

5 Ways To KILL Procrastination.. (and get motivated)

Judul : 5 Ways To KILL Procrastination.. (and get motivated)
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5 Ways:
1. What have you been focusing on? What are you going to focus on?
2. What have you been doing with your body and tonality? How have you been moving thru the world? How will you?
3. How have you been talking to yourself? With kindness and acceptance, or are you overly hard on yourself?
4. What is the primary story you've been playing in your head, about you? And about the world? Is it empowering or disempowering?
5. Is your environment High-Status or low-status? People that bring you up, or pull you down? Filled with happy people or negative people?

Procrastination is nothing but a learned habit. These 5 ways can help you break the habit fast and replace soul-crushing procrastination with an abundance of motivation.

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