20 Weirdest Toys

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20 Weirdest Toys

20 Weirdest Toys

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20 Toys you never want your children to have, from the disturbing to the inappropriate this list of the worst even has a shaving baby!

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10. The Musical Jolly Chimp
You might have remember seeing this on Toy Story 3 but this toy actually exists and is pretty creepy. This toy is able to show and chatter his teeth as well as clap the cymbals together. It’s bloodshot eyes don’t make it appear to be so jolly. Originally made in the 1950’s these battery operated monkeys can fetch a price of about 60 bucks on ebay. He looks like he’s ready to go on a rampage at any moment! No wonder people are trying to sell these!

9. Pregnant Midge Doll
Turns out Barbie had a more promiscuous friend named Midge. Now you don’t have to teach your kids where babies come from because this barbie doll will do that for them! This doll was actually controversial at the time because people believed that the doll looked too young and shouldn’t be having a baby.

8, Barbie Forever and Tanner
Some toy companies really try too hard to make their toys more realistic than they should be. We all imagined barbie being a professional dog walker at some point so it makes sense to have this type of doll, right?! In 2005, the toy featured pretend poop, that the dog would have to put in it’s mouth in order for it to come out its backside. She was also equipped with a magnetic scooper. The toy was later recalled due to a choking hazard. Gross.

7. Brain Mobile
If you’re looking for a great way to absolutely traumatize your kids from a young age. We’ve all probably had some crazy toys when we were younger but who in their right mind would consider getting this toy car for their kids!

6. Crazy Bones
You might remember the crazy bones fad if you were going up in the 1990’s. A Spanish company called Magic Box Inc created little plastic molds of strange faces that you would usually try to knock over using your plastic molds. But it turns out, this game actually dates back to Ancient Roman and Greece times but instead of using plastic they would use sheep knucklebones, which is how the toy got the name crazy bones. The product was aggressively marketed towards children and but each one seems to look a little bit spooky in it’s own unique way.

5. Shave the Baby Doll
Who would seriously buy this and what if i don’t want to shave the baby? Turns out this one isn’t real in a sense that it was never exactly on shelves anywhere. This was actually conceptual art from a crazy Polish artist in 1995. Whatever the message he was trying to get across in this one, we’re not sure of and we’d like to hear what you think about it in the comment section.

4. Yume
Certainly not all dolls are happy. This one here was sold in Japan and the ones who actually play with her, can literally make her cry. And you don’t even need to call her fat! But first, in order to do that, you have to inject her arm with with a syringe. What kind of values are we teaching the kids! Something about this just seems a tad unsettling.

3. The Face Bank
At some point in our lives we’ve probably had a piggy bank to collect coins and teaching kids to save money is a good thing! This new invention from Japan seems a bit too eerie to feel at ease. It features a face of a Chimpanzee who isn’t craving banana but your coins. All you have to do is put a few coins in its mouth and he’ll be well fed for the rest of the day! Just watch out for your fingers though!

2. Sega Robotic Cat
Also known as the Dream Cat Venus, this life like robotic cat from Japan was equipped with sensors that allowed it to engage in realistic feline behavior when it was touched like purring, meowing, hissing and moving it’s leg when you rubbed it’s belly. It also tends to make robotic engine like sounds when it’s moving. It’d be cute if it wasn’t so creepy! Will robot cats some day take the place of real ones?

1.The Gilbert U 238 Atomic Energy Lab
Science kits seems like a fun way for kids to learn about scientific things. This one however, wasn’t your ordinary science kit. It’s not everyday that kids get to play with Uranium ore! This kit from the 1950’s actually contained a radioactive substance that could be potentially converted into plutonium! This was a hazardous material that was found in the kit that also contained a geiger counter, an electroscope, and a comic book teaching them how to perform experiments. Luckily, the product wasn’t on shelves very long.

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